Monday, 19 March 2012

19th March

Lesson 37 and 38
Unfortunately today we didn't get as much work down as we had hoped. The camera that we recorded out sequence on was in use by some other students so we were unable to get out missing clips off it. To ensure this does not happen again we have booked the camera for tomorrow, as although we are off timetable we can still asses the computers at some point during the day. We want to wait until we have this clip before we add the titles to out sequence as were are conscious that we will go over 2 minutes and have to shorted some clips down, and this will cause our titles to change, and be in the wrong places. For the remainder of the lesson we looked back over past blog posts and exchanged pictures so that Amy and I had everything uploaded.

I noticed on an earlier post we wanted to record the noise of traffic and people, but we decided soon after this that we wouldn't use natural sound as it would draw attention from the sadness of the shot, and would instead use a guitar solo. 

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