Tuesday, 27 March 2012

27th March

Lesson 42
We added the ambient sound we recorded yesterday to the end of our sequence so it went to the end of the titles. It overlapped with our music so we faded the sound so it got louder as the music ended, and we also faded the volume of the music so it gradually got quieter so the ambient sound took over. When we listened to it we noticed as well as the birds and the wind you could also hear a siren for the latter part of the clip. Although this was originally not what we wanted, it enhanced that the girl had died and suggested that it was possible due to a tragic accident, which might be revealed if the film carried on. 

After we had finally finished the sound, we applied the titles to our film. As we had slightly altered our sequence some of the titles could no longer go where we planned so we had to re-position them. We used live type to position out titles to the correct part of the screen, and made them the right size. 

After we had made all the titles, we transferred the titles to our sequence and added a simple cross dissolve to the start and end of them, to make the transition between them soft and slow. We ensured all the tiles were 00:03:19 in length, so they remained for the same amount of time and didn't linger for more than necessary. 

We finally thought we had finished the whole task. Was asked out teacher to watch the whole thing, and give us any improvements. It came to his attention that we has missed some vital titles such as the editor (Amy and myself) and that as we had used the same font throughout, the impact was taken away from the title itself. Considering this, we went back and changed the fonts of all the other titles to something more simple, we tried a few fonts, and then decided on 'apple gothic' as it was not written in calligraphy but was still soft and curvy. 

I think we achieved a lot in today's lesson, and although we were hoping to finish it entirely, we made good progress. We will re watch it tomorrow and make sure there are no final changes to make, after this we can save it as a proper video file. 

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