Monday, 5 March 2012

5th March

Lesson 27 and 28
We started to edit our film together in our lessons today. We started by cutting down the length of our clips, but in full it was still over 2 minutes. We tries to keep similar shots (both showing Sam looking at the program ect) at the same length, but ended up cutting these shorter when we watch the whole thing, as we felt it lingered on them to long. When cutting the clips we tried to chose the parts where the camera was less shaking, but sometimes this was impossible as we couldn't use a tripod for all the angels of the shots we wanted so the camera was unsteady. When looking at our whole clip we decided to fade shots together so they blended together more successfully. It took us a while to figure out how to do this, as at first we were trying to use video transitions. We decided to use a cross dissolve so you could see the end of one clip and the start of the next clip at the same time. 
To do this, we had to edit some of our clip lengths as there was no spare film at the beginning or the end of the clip to make this possible. 
We also wanted to impose a photo onto part of our video, so was being show how to do this, but because of the unsteadiness of the zooming in this would be really hard. A way around this is to re film this part of the film, but first we are going to try and use what we have as we think it will save time, but if this is impossible we will need to schedule another filming date. 
When editing part of our film we discovered the angle of the camera wasn't lined up so we cannot get a post to be in the same position as the clips dissolve together. This caused us a lot of problems and we are considering cutting it out of our film. Re filming would be hard here, as the sticks we were using as markers would have been moved as other people used the park. 
We spoke about what we would be using as a soundtrack to our opening scene. Some of our friends have agreed to acoustically play the guitar for us. 

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