Friday, 23 March 2012

23th March

Lesson 39
All of our lessons this week have been rather unproductive so we needed to find a solution for our deleted clip today. After a discussion with Amy and our teacher we decided to use a shot where the camera zooms onto Amy's face but doesn't pan round to the tree, as this was a practice shot to check the camera was in the correct position. We over lapped this shot with the next shot and played with the transparency of the clips so they zoomed together, and the actors fade into the tree, before it pans out to find Callum sitting by himself.

We continued with the editing of the rest of the clips, and went back to line up a shot, so that the tree doesn't move from where we recorded it in two parts. We had to layer the clips and change the transparency so that we could guarantee the shots lined up. We focused on the tree lining up, and the rest of the scenery should line up automatically if this is correct. We had to change the center point of the picture, and this reduced the shots jumping when we transitioned between them. 

We added our last clip to the sequence, but we were 30 seconds above the maximum time so had to go through and shorten most of our clips. We also deleted a few clips as the sequence flowed better without them and helped to reduce our time. We managed to get the film to exactly 2 minutes and a 20th of a second. We now need to readjust the music as it will no longer change as our clips fade into each other. We are already behind on editing out clip, but we now have a week before we break up for Easter, so Amy and I are planning on doing the lessons work at home, and then finishing our video during lessons and any spare time we get.  

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