RandP: Task 5 - Script & Foley/Sound Research

Script for Main Task.

Script for Main Task

In the opening we wanted to have him dressed in a suit as a hint that he had just been to Emily's funeral, we decided this might not be obvious enough so we changed our first idea of having him look at a photo in his wallet to one on the program of her funeral, and the suit confirms he has come straight from there and that her death was recent so he would still be grieving. Having a photo of him in the program shows how important he was in her life, and vise versa. When thinking about the doing memories we were hoping to have more ages, but realised this would be too adventurous for us and that we wouldn't have anybody older then teenagers to be in it. For the memories it would be best if we could show time changing more obviously, so possibly changing the season by what the people are wearing, eg vest top, scarf, coat, but this will increase how long it takes us to film as we want to film in a park so there will be no where for people to change. 

6.2.12 --> Before this point we had 6 memories, but when writing our scrip we had not thought about lighting and how difficult it would be to film one of the memories as we wanted to do it in the dark, and for another we needed wind to blow off a hat and we realised we had no control over this so decided to delete it from our film. 

Script for Main Task
This is an updated version of our scrip as we realised we were being unrealistic in some of our shots. 

Sound/Foley Research

This is the sound we actually used in our title sequence. At the end you can hear a siren, and although this was not our initial intention, we realized that it added to the effect of her death.

Our survey results showed that acoustic guitar was the most popular form of music, so we used this to accompany out visual images. This is a recording of Jake playing the guitar before he wrote our final piece of music. 

Once we had see what they were capable of, we asked them to write and record us a song to play over our title sequence. This is the song they sent us.

After we edited our video the sound no longer fitted with the transitions, and so we had to edit it. this is the end result. We also added in a cross dissolve, and changed the volumes, although this is not shown here.