Thursday, 22 March 2012

22nd March

As we walked into the classroom we saw the camera we have been waiting for all week on the desk so were pleased we would finally be able to finish out editing. When we tried to transfer the files onto the computer we discovered the entire contents of the camera had been deleted, so we have lost all the footage we needed. We don't think we have time to re film as out location is 1hour and 30 minutes away from the school by bus and our actor will be in lessons when we are available. We thought of a few solutions: using our original clip where we walked around the tree, but this was very shaky and we recorded it in two parts that did not match, and the lightening would be completely different. We also have a practice shot where I zoomed in, but did not pan the camera round to the tree, but left it on Amys face, this does not match with the next clip that starts on the tree.
(picture of this clip)
If we have to use this, then we need to rearrange out titles as we had planned on having the directors name on the shot. 
Despite everything going wrong we started to make our titles, the effect we wanted to use "bump and grind" was not working, as the text started still and then moved off the side of the screen, but we wanted it to move onto the screen and then stand still, so we changed and are not keeping the text still and having it fade onto the clip as the memories change. We also had issues with the colour as we wanted something that would stand out, but could not find a colour that did this, so we are going to use white, as we think it will be most obvious with the grass background. 

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