Wednesday, 7 March 2012

7th March

Lesson 30
In the lesson today we tried to edit part of our title sequence where the camera zooms into a photograph, but we were told to do it properly it would take a few hours and we were probably best to re-film with the photograph already on the program. 

We noticed out zooming is really uneven so we discussed ways we could slow down the pace of it and also how we could ensure that when we re-filmed the camera would go back to the same angle. We got the solution of tying string to the tripod and then around the tree so it would be the same angle and distance as we walked round the tree. Looking at our clips we found that some did not flow together smoothly enough, and we realised we wanted to do them in fewer takes, this would involve our actors running from one part of the scene to the next as the camera panned round, and quickly changing as they did this.  

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