RandP: Task 4 - 25 Word Pitch & Mood Board

"A love story that ended too soon. Childhood sweethearts are ripped apart leaving Sam to face a numbing existence struggling to leave the past behind."

The first sentence was easy to decide and it reveals the genre of the film. The most difficult part of the pitch was deciding a name but in normal conversation after the lesson the name Sam was mentioned so we decided to use it. We wanted to include the word 'past' in the pitch so it illustrates that the film title sequence will refer back to the past and show memories.

Mood Board

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Our mood board shows a time line of Sam's life with the girl. It starts when they are 'childhood sweethearts'. The first pictures shows them constantly spending time together and how they are 'inseparable'. There is also am image of a tree and a hill, this is what Amy and I imagine the setting to be like, so ideally a park as this is where you would expect to young children to first meet. The images on this side of the timeline are all colourful to illustrate their happiness together. When you move to the right of the timeline, the images are all grey to portray the sadness and 'loneliness' Sam feels now the girl had died. We did not decide how she died, though the image of the coffin we found suggests that drugs were involved though we did not want her to kill herself. We found an image of a tree with no leaves, to suggest death, that contradicted with the first setting picture to show how dark the world had become to him. The images show only Sam by himself as he is 'longing' for the girl to be alive and he feels 'empty' without her.