Wednesday, 28 March 2012

28th March

Lesson 43
Today we were shown a grid on final cut express in which all our titles had to be within, this meant making some final adjustments to the positioning of our titles and then adding who did the editing and the casting. For the main actors we split the title in half so that a name appeared with side of the screen, and we made these larger than the other titles so it was obvious they were the main characters. We had to make sure they were the same size and in the exact same place on opposite sides of the screen. We had some trouble getting the titles to appear at the same place, we figured out we just had to drag the file towards the top of the bottom screen to add another layer to the editing. 

This is all the changes we will be making to our sequence and tomorrow we will export our title sequence and save it for the last time so we can finally upload the finished product. Over the Easter holidays we need to finish the seven part evaluation for the first lesson back, and also add any final touches to our blogs and existing documents. 

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