Tuesday, 6 March 2012

6th March

Lesson 29
As Amy was absent from today's lesson I did not have a copy of the storyboard to continue editing, so I ensured by blog was up to date and checked that I had all of the work uploaded that needed to be there. Half was through the lesson we were shown a video, to show us what could be down with the credits and the different effects we could make the text do. We were told what program this was possible on, and that the shot where our title appears should be empty of any dramatic movement and should be long and drawn out. At the end of our film we have an empty shot where Sam (Actor Callum) has walked out of the camers range, this is where I thought we could show the title as it only have a tree and the park in range, with any natural movement, such as grass moving in the wind. 

At the moment we don't have a title for our film, but are hoping for inspiration when we see out fully edited clip. 

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