Thursday, 15 March 2012

15th March

By the end of today, we managed to edit most of out video, although we are still missing the end as some clips had not transferred from the camera to the computer and the camera was in use by somebody else. This has delayed us, but we have scheduled some extra time tomorrow so we can upload these clips. We imported the rotation edit we did the lesson yesterday and slotted it in where it needed to go. We also found out how to disconnect the sound from the footage so we could delete the sound, as we are only going to use music over the top and cut out any natural sound. 

We had to reevaluate the length of some of our clips to ensue it would be under two minutes in total, this involved watching out title sequence over and over again so we could see if it lingered on a shot for to long. We discussed fonts that we could use for out titles and decided we wanted something curly with no sharp corners, so we created a document of possible fonts. 

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