Monday, 12 March 2012

12th March

Lesson 32 and 33
In the first part of the lesson we re printed our funeral program and added the photo of the children to it, from our previous time of filming, so that when we are editing the footage it makes the transition easier. 
For the remaining part of the lesson we travelled to our filming location so we could re film the parts of the sequence with the teenagers is so we could make a number of improvements. As the weather was nicer today we made Callum (playing Sam) take of his jacket and un-tuck his shirt when we were filming the memories and put his jacket and tie on for the present footage so that it was a noticeable difference between them.  It would have been better if he could have completely changed outfits, but due to our location there was no where close by that he could change. Secondly we matched up how the different age groups help hands, as in our previous time of filming we noticed when editing that they were different. In the photo below their fingers are intertwined, but the children held hands like the bottom of the two photos. 
For one of our scenes, we had them dancing and eventually Sam picked Emily up and them felling under the tree, but this looked to posed, so we changed it so that it looked more realistic and natural, so now Sam walks into the shot already carrying Emily. 
Our final improvement was our last shot, when the camera moves around the tree to find Emily gone and Sam sitting there by himself like he was in the first shot. Our original try of this was very shaky as we had to walk around the tree. We first tried to tie string around the tree, but realised we would be able to see it in the shot, we in the end we decided to zoom into the tree and panning right, so the actors are not in shot, and then zooming out to find him by himself. 
The weather was a lot sunnier, and bright today so this will make out memory shots look better as they will create a happy atmosphere, and we can change the colours of the first and last part so that the weather matches is mood for pathetic fallacy and mise-en-scene. Due to the nice weather the park was a lot busier, so more people and dogs are our shoots. I felt a lot more confident using the equipment this time and have a positive feeling about how the footage is going to come out. Amy and I also understood each other easier as we had seen what it looked like on screen once and both had similar thoughts on what could be improved and what worked well so was just re-filmed. I managed to use the zoom on the camera better than last time as I had more control over it, so was able to go at a slower speed. 

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