Sunday, 25 March 2012

25th March

Today I made notes for the first part of the evaluation, I used an A grade answer for my template. The main question was 'In what ways does your media product, use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?' within this I spoke about 9 subsections:
1. the title of the film
2. the setting/location
3. costume and props
4. framework and editing
5. title fonts and style
6. story and how the opening sets it up
7. genre and how the opening suggests it
8. how the characters are introduced
9. special fx
I found this task relativity easy to do, but there were some detail I was unsure of, so I noted this down in red pen so that I could easy spot where I needed to add detail, and research things. As we haven't finished the editing for our sequence there were some parts I didn't answer, and other parts I didn't understand. I need to do more research into other films of the same genre, once I have discussed with Amy what this is, so that I can compare and contrast our film to it. 

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