Friday, 16 March 2012

16th March

Lesson 36
Amy heard the sound footage for our film in the morning and was quite excited about how will it fits with our sequence, in the lesson I heard it and agreed with her. When we applied it to our footage it fits with the slide transitions perfectly, as the tempo or song changes direction as we use a cross dissolve. Originally we were going to use natural sound at the beginning of the film, and fade into the music when we zoomed into the photograph, but instead we changed the volume of the song, so that it is softly playing during the start and the volume gradually increases as our graphic match comes to life.  

We started to add titles to out sequence using live type, after looking at all the possible fonts we narrowed it down to two we considered using, and decided on a font called "Zapfino" we also looked at transitions and animations that the writing could do when it was on the screen and we decided we liked "Bump and Grind" where the letters all crash into each other before spreading out. This fits into out sequence as when the letters crash it's like his life is going wrong, and them spreading out is his attempt to make it better and be grateful for the time he spend with Emily. 

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