Friday, 9 March 2012

9th March

Lesson 31
Our aim for today was to take all the notes for our call sheet so it could be typed up at home over the weekend. We didn't know what a call sheet was at the beginning of the lesson but we found out they are a schedule for the actors so everyone knows where they have to be and the plans for the day. To fill this out we had to research the nearest hospital to our filming location and the locations address. 

We discuessed when we would next be able to film, and planned to film on monday 12th. We decided to re-film all the parts with the teenagers in so we could improve our camera work and framing. We also made changes to the costume so it would be more distinguishable that the memories would change, but this is going to make it harder when filming as they will have to change quickly so we don't have to pause the shot.

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