Friday, 3 February 2012

3rd February

Lesson 12
Before today, Amy and I didn’t really know what we needed to put in our script as there is no dialogue in our title sequence so we found it quite hard to begin writing one. In the lesson we were told that we had to describe exactly what we could see, so this made it easier. We stated to write what we wanted our sequence to look like, making some changes as we knew we would not be able to film them. We wanted everything to flow and our sequence to show a string of memories that connect in some way, so we used ideas such as running behind trees and zooming in on hands and then zooming out to show that the people had aged. 

We are finding it hard to find teenagers and younger children that look alike so it is clear that they are the same people so we were thinking of them both having an item, such as a bracelet, so it is obvious they have just aged. We also tried to listen to the sound clips we had gathered to incorporate into our sequence but they would not transfer from a windows format to the mac so we need to complete the work on them outside the lesson.  

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