Thursday, 2 February 2012

2nd February

Today we were able to transfer our video from the camera to the computer. This was the first time we had seen the footage so didn’t know what it would look like. Most of our shots turned out okay, but a few did not lie up. When we were editing out video we realised that whilst filming we had not matched how far open the door was and at what height the package was being help, because of this we had to cut out a close up of the package being passed from the delivery man to the girl as it was being held too low down and didn’t match the previous shot. Whilst filming the camera turned off and we did not realise this caused a shot to be lost, so we did not have any footage of the girl saying thank you and closing the door, we also had problems following the delivery boy walking away with the camera but forgot to re-film this so he suddenly vanishes from the door whilst it is being closed. Despite our problems we managed to edit the whole of our sequence so it is roughly 50 seconds long.

We also started to plan the script for our main task and realised we needed more memories to film and that we were going to have difficulties showing that it is the same people they have just aged. 

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