Wednesday, 22 February 2012

22nd February

Lesson 21
In the lesson we made the funeral program, but forgot we needed a picture to put on this, so we are hoping that we can edit this on after we have filmed. As neither of us had been to a funeral before we didn't really know what a funeral program looked like, so we looked at templates online, but the school computes had blocked all the sites that would have helped us with this. We decided that as it was child it would probably be colourful rather then dull. 

We had planned on filming today, so went to our location with our actors and the equipment and props we needed. Unfortunately it was raining and by the time it had stopped, the ground was to wet and it was beginning to get dark. This has caused us further delay and the earliest we can try again is monday, but the weather forecast doesn't go this far in advance to check the weather. 

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