Monday, 20 February 2012

20th February

Lesson 18 & 19
We were scheduled to start filming today but Amy and I realised we are slightly behind in work so decided it would be a better idea to use these lessons to catch up. We planned our questionnaire
 and found a template to use for our photo board. We also completed our location research, remembering things from when we were there yesterday. The questionnaire was quite hard to write as we didn't not know if to make it suitable for our film or more generally, in the end we decided to make it for our film. We wanted to keep it short, so more people would be willing to answer it, completed it was 10 questions long, not including personal details. 

We finalized our actors:
Callum Harris = Sam (teenage)
Christopher Saunders = Sam (child)
Amy Holmes = Emily (teenager) 
Louise Cole = Emily (child)

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