Tuesday, 31 January 2012

31st January

Outside of the lesson, I started to think about what music and sound we would want in our main task. For the first part of our film we want a teenage boy sitting in an empty park by himself, whilst this is happening we wanted incidental music with a depressing tone to it and a slow rhythm and possibly the wind howling around him. As neither Amy nor I are very musical we searched online for music with no copyright that we could use, I found a website that we plan on exploring in more detail later on. I listened to previews of instrumental music that matched the description of what I imagined out incidental music to sound like and narrowed it down to four clips that I will show Amy to see if she agrees. The next part involves this teenager looking at a photo he had in his pocket, the camera will zoom into this photo and the picture will begin to move showing happy memories for his childhood. For this we wanted to have happier music with a high pitch that gives the feeling of laughter and enjoyment, to go on the top of this we wanted ambient sound of birds tweeting, light wind, dogs barking and children laughing as these are all things you accept to hear whilst at the park. 

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