Friday, 27 January 2012

27th January

Lesson 8
Today Amy and I were able to film all the footage for out preliminary task. We thought it would be quite hard to find people to agree to be filmed but luckily two people from our class offered and so we able to film straight away. 

As we could only film in the school we found it difficult to make it look like a home, and also we think there will be people talking in the background of the film as there were classes going on around us as other people working in the same room we were filming in. Half way through our filming we noticed that we kept opening and closing the door so we are worried that this will not line up when we edit it, this is something we can improve during our main task. When we were filming our over the shoulder shot, it only occurred to us half way through to do all the filming from the same angle at the same time rather than following our storyboard in chronological order, because of this we found it hard to match up the angel each time and it wasted a lot of time. Unfortunately we ran out of time to view our footage so have to wait until Wednesday (1/2/12) to see if we have everything. 

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