Monday, 30 January 2012

30th January

Lesson 9 + 10
Our task for today's double period was to write a 25 word pitch for our main coursework task, Amy and I realised to do this we needed to have a plan for our coursework so first had to discuss this. We spend the first 15 minutes of the lesson watching the opening to a Pixar film "Up" 
and decided we liked the idea of time passing in our title sequence. So we decided our main task would involve two different generations of people and someone would look back at the past after a tragic event  had struck. After we had sorted this, we were able to get back on task and write our 25 word pitch, I found this quite easy to do and we done this relativity quickly. Our second task was to create a mood board containing text, fonts, colours and images, due to our set back at the start we were unable to finish this in the lesson so we need to complete it outside the lesson this evening. As Amy and I were not together we both looked for pictures and I send ones I found to her, which she joined with hers and created the mood board. I found most of my pictures from Tumblr. 
This is our finished mood board. The Images on the left are in colour to illustrate his happiness, and one the right it changes to black and white to show his emptiness and unhappiness. Although the girl died of natural causes, the coffin was a good image to show someone died, despite suggesting drugs were involved. 

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