Tuesday, 24 January 2012

24th January

Lesson 6:
Outside the lesson Amy and I had thought of ideas for our preliminary task, we decided we liked the idea of the audience not knowing who sent the parcel, but the receiver clearly recognizing the name of the sender. It took us a while to think of what would be inside the parcel, but in the end we decided a plane ticket was a romantic idea, and would link with the note on the parcel 'see you soon' as it created mystery about why they have't seen each other in a while. 

Me and Amy started to work on our story board for preliminary task and decided what camera shots we would use. 

We created a scrip as well and also discussed what props we would need to use and who will be in our preliminary film.

Delivery Guy: Ciaran Pinnell
Miss Jones: Evie Anderson

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  1. Don't forget, Georgina, this is your preliminary task - that means a very short camera exercise, and in a week's time your start the preparation for the main task.
    This is a good blog. Give it more detail where you can.